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Disneyland Trip FQAS:

FAQ about Disneyland 

1. How far from Downtown to Disneyland ? 

Answer : Roughly around 35km/1 hour driving. 

2. Disneyland opening hour : 

Answer : Open from 8:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m

3. What time does the fireworks start ?

Asnwer : Firework  starts 8:30 p.m lasting about 30 minutes. 

4. How much is Disneyland ticket ? 

Answer: Normal days ( weekdays : 399RMB/ticket , for kid below 140cm and senior above 65 years old : 299RMB/ticket ) 

Public holiday and weekend ( 575RMB/ticket ; for kid below 140cm and senior above 65 years old :431RMB/ticket )

6. How I can book fast pass Disneyland ticket ? 

Answer : There are two kind of Fast Pass ticket, one is free applied on the day when you are in Disneyland. Sometimes there are free past pass and sometimes no depends on the visitors number. 50% chance can get free fast pass if you there earlier. But none can grantee the fast pass, one time in Winter our clients  got fats pass all for free. One is paid fast pass for 8 activities. For adult including seniors and kids above 1 meter: per fast pass including a ticket 1300RMB-2500RMB depends on season /fast pass with a ticket. Fast pass it is very expensive and need to be there by 9:00 a.m, you might get free fast pass if you arrive earlier. 

7. How to get free fast pass Disneyland ticket?

Answer : Fast pass are applied once you have entered the Disneyland park and you can get from your app, usually the earliest you go, better chance get fast pass. . So not in advance before the day or before your arrival. After you have entered the park, you can start to apply on Disneyland App, if need help please ask staff nearby ticket counter. It will only be active to apply after you have entered park. 

8. Can you tell me the 8 rides at Disneyland that has fast pass ?

Answer : Below is the 8 rides that has fast pass : 

* Extreme speed light wheel

* Buzz Lightyear Star Rescue 

* Peter Pan Sky Adventure 

* Winnie the Pooh Adventures

* Seven dwarf mine cars

* Swim over the horizon 

* Leiming Mountain Rafting

* Pirates of the Carribean ( 11 to 13 o’clock ) 

9. About public transportation to Disneyland: 

* by Metro : Line 11 then off at Disneyland station, it’s about 1 hour 15 minutes – 1.5 hours by Metro from city area to Disneyland 

* by MIKI Transfer, professional for Disneyland transfer : it’s about 50 minutes by driving from city area to Disneyland 

10. MIKI Transfer’s  advantage : 

Answer : MIKI Transfer’s pick up time is flexible. Our driver for Disneyland transfer service is very professional. Especially for pick up time after Disneyland visit , it’s more convenient, will safe your time since no need go to Taxi Station and no long queue in waiting Taxi. 


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